The Dance of Relationship


The Dance of Relationship is a method for strengthening partnership awareness, sensitivity and communication — which is offered in four diffrent workshop formats.

To become more aware of oneself and the environment, to feel the desire for connection with another person, to become aware of the other, to get closer, to create a common space, to nourish and appreciate that space together, to separate, to integrate the shared experience and as a result, to gain a more alive and creative sense of self: these are the processes of the gestalt 'cycle of experience'. They also describe the enriching dynamic of human encounters, the basic movements of Tango, and the deepest motif of Life itself.

The Dance of Relationship is a body and Tango-oriented method of Gestalt therapy, it is an approach which is especially effective for couples. Using encounter, movement and reflection-rituals, participants verbally and nonverbally communicate with each other in experimental, experiential and existential ways which are meaningful for them. Therefore it enquires dynamics which are meaningful for everyone regardless if one lives for him- or herself or if he or she participates with or without the partner.

Psychologically Tango focuses on transition and communication. Detaching from routine, habit and expectation (the dance is improvied and without choreography), it becomes possible for partners to create fresh impressions of each other - and to renewe a sense of individuation and differentiation. A clearer feeling of personal boundaries strengthens the attraction between two people, which in turn can renew their sense of longing for connection with the other - as well as reawakening the excitement (or anxiety) at the edge of one's own contact-boundaries. This dynamic strengthens the sense of self and supports new creativity and improvisation in and ourtside the relationship and in daily life.

Originally the Tango was considered to be rather an erotic dance. The eroticism as well as the desire for contact are still visible in the close movements of the argentine tango. It fosters strong feelings and in return it asks for clarity and respect. This makes it especially suitable to support autonomy, attraction and reciprocal devotion in a partnership.

It takes two to Tango: Can interest be maintained in the presence of the partner’s irritating, arousing and sometimes intimate self-processes? Can sharing in the common movement include the losses and regaining of balance, the ups and downs of learning something new, the intimidating experience of being a beginner, as well as the pleasure of body contact and of emotional connection?

Workshop participants will learn some basic movements of the tango. The learning process enables partners to express their relationship dynamically. The resultant patterns can be diagnosed and may then be modified in a way that reflects the insights that have been gained. The learning process is underpinned by the gestalt therapeutic approach, body awareness and contemplation. It is often surprising to become aware of how to approach and be in the field of a partner. Adjusting one’s axis, giving impulses and walking in closeness may elicit old and new feelings of being attracted and being shy, of wanting to oblige or to resign and of experiencing stimulation and joy.

To continue with what has been meaningful and helpful during the workshop, participants can take this new 'dance' into their daily life by practicing the 'Meditation for two'. This Couple Contemplation is the central exercise for reflecting on and sharing ones experiences within the workshop. It draws together and integrates the healing power of ritual, attentive face-to-face encounter and non-dual-communication. The 'Mediation for two' can also become a brief, contactful and healing ritual in everyday life, demonstrating that a meaningful and heart-felt encounter doesn’t require a lot of time.

Contents and Processes

  • Body-awareness-exercises
  • Axis in Tango and autonomy in the personality style: The Tango’s gift for differenciation
  • Nearness and distance: Bodily sensations as a source of answers
  • The eight movements of ideal type encounter in Gestalt, Tango and everyday life in theory, flow and resistance
  • Confluence and contact: The Tangos gift for nourishing touch and generating flow
  • Comfortable, adventurous, intimate and selfless ways of being
  • Reflections and sharing of one's experiences in plenary meetings, small groups and in couples
  • Impulses and answers: The tango- and the daily talk of contact
  • Meditation for two: A tool for meaningful contact at the egde of knowing


Format and paticipants

The workshop will take place Saturday and Sunday. It offers five 2 ½-hour-workshop-units. Participants may come by themselfs or with a partner. Contents, processes, teaching methods and design are subject to change according to the group of participants; depending on whether they are couples, singles, therapists, dance-instructors or dance-partners.

sw unrasiert260 Johannes Feuerbach works as a teacher, therapist and supervisor within the training of gestalt therapists. He developed „The dance of Relationship“ as a method for couple therapy and teaches it international. In his youth he started to meditate and as a young adult he started to dance tango. He was trained in Lomi Bodywork (Lomi School, Ca.), in Gestalt Therapy and in family therapy and system constellations. He holds an university degree in education, is a Gestalt therapist within the EAGT and maintains a private practice in Berlin.

Time out for couples at Il Convento

Every March you can spend six joyful and healing days with the basic movements of the Argentine Tango, with couple contemplationes and meditations in a former monastery. Il Convento is a silent and beautiful venue, located in the Toscany. Learn more aboutIl Convento. The dates of the next workshop "Auszeit für Paare im Kloster" you will find in the calender. This workshop as well as the one in Venice will be taught bilingual.

Your second honeymoon — Venice and Tango 

Celebrate your marriage and long term relationship! Every August a three day workshop takes place in Venice. It will be instructed in german and english. Here you can find the 2017announcement. The actual dates you will find in the calender.

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